For the sake of posterity, and for completeness, I am including links to software I wrote in my first job. In my first job out of university, I was hired to write Java browser games to complement Runescape.

To detox from long days writing Java, especially in the rush to launch FunOrb.com, I would play Lumines.

I got a bit obsessed. My next project was to design a spiritual successor with the same aesthetic idea of transitioning colour and light. The result was a 3D-falling-block game:


  • This was the first Jagex game with any kind of real-time multiplayer feedback.
    • Writing browser applets in 2007, with no libraries, entirely on TCP streams (no UDP), means that was really difficult.
  • I was very keen for Pixelate to be unique, not a clone of any existing block game.
    • The result is fun, but not as much fun as Lumines.
  • It's possible to master the game with a little effort. We saw users playing perfect (ie. unbeatable) games against each other in head-to-head multiplayer.


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